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FSX ORBX Weather Themes Download [Updated]




ixterm GeekSquid: sshfs is a filesystem - see for instructions paqpo: sorry for the delay, I was away from the computer luca: how did you go about that? paqpo: the issue was that my display was cut in half when I did it - I had to "resize" the display... paqpo: in the end I had it both in the right and the left paqpo: so I had to "resize" it back to normal luca: me too, that's why I said what I did, to see if I could help paqpo: perfect paqpo: thank you so much paqpo: it's like yesterday I couldnt do it :D paqpo: you have a wildcard? for? paqpo: I mean, your wallpapers are on your Desktop folder? i have the desktop folder inside my wallpaper directory paqpo: perfect, I think I should ask you something else, the wallpaper in gnome is grey and I want to change it to have a color, how do I do it? I only have one folder in my wallpaper directory, other than that its empty, its just a black folder with the rest of the wallpapers in it paqpo: perfect, thanks a lot! paqpo: I'll ask a seo to do it then, thanks again paqpo: bye GeekSquid, sudo apt-get install sshfs the color of a wallpaper is usually determined by the colors of the rest of the background GeekSquid, that does not require root priviledges What's the best way to add Linux source code to Linux? scotty^_: use git scotty^_: or hg




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FSX ORBX Weather Themes Download [Updated]
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